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Showroom & Product Seeding Services

FSHOPPE is our in-house showroom where brands can showcase their latest collections and benefit from exclusive visibility. FAULHABER’s showroom management service creates awareness for your brand and allows key industry leaders to engage with your product.

Our showroom management service offers brands a unique opportunity to show off their latest releases and product lines to important individuals in the FAULHABER network. Our expertly curated and merchandised spaces in Toronto and Vancouver are visited on the daily by editors, influencers, celebrities and agency ambassadors, who have VIP access 24-hours a day to merchandise.

Rest assured that your brand will shine through our impeccable showroom management, managed by our team of FSHOPPE Ambassadors. We are an extension of your brand, answering any questions visitors may have about your company, products or upcoming opportunities. We believe effective showroom management is dependent on building smart partnerships, which is why our network of vetted professionals get exclusive access to FSHOPPE collections, product launches, events and more.

The FSHOPPE is more than just a showroom; it’s a conversation starter. Our showroom management service allows key players to interact with your product and experience your brand in a beautiful, exclusive environment. We oversee showroom management from top to tail, from strategically displaying your products to scheduling appointments with influential media partners. FAULHABER’s showroom management service is centred around visibility and keeping your brand top of mind.

We’ve learned how to manage a showroom that leads to wins for your business thanks to years of experience building beautiful and effective displays and expanding our exclusive network of industry professionals.

Let your audience experience your brand in the FSHOPPE.

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