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What is public relations? While the definition of Public Relations remains the same, the landscape is entirely different. As a PR agency, this makes strategy and relationships more important than ever. Our network of public relations contacts runs deep throughout the market, from coast to coast and in multiple languages. Leveraging our expert PR services, we turn our relationships into exposure for our clients, connecting the right story to the right audience.

As a leading public relations agency, our reputation is built on our ability to create big news and deliver compelling content by connecting your story to its targeted audience. What makes PR effective, and how does it differentiate from other marketing services? To help answer these questions, first we need to understand, “what is public relations”? A simple public relations definition is to maintain and create a positive image for your brand. Integrating smart public relations in marketing strategies for your company can elevate any brand in many ways, including building awareness, reaching the right people at the right time, and improving your corporate public relations strategy. Our strategic and creative team work closely with our clients to create a public relations strategy that identifies meaningful brand stories and determines the best method for sharing them.

What are PR services? Anywhere from media relations to press launches, and product placement, the goal of our PR services is to promote your brand to your target audience in the most creative and effective way. From magazines to morning shows, to Youtube video placements, our natural storytelling talents will help place your brand’s story on the best channels to connect to its customer.

At FAULHABER, we pride ourselves on our strong, long-lasting relationships with top journalists, freelancers, broadcasters, stylists, bloggers, and influencers and craft PR stories that resonate. Our deep understanding of public relations, the editorial landscape, and our long-standing relationships, help us secure coveted earned placements that drive brand affinity and motivate consumer purchase.

In today’s always-on landscape, a brand should always be ready to manage a crisis. Our public relations expertise has equipped us with how best to deal with crisis comms – online and offline. We are always available to our clients in a time of need. Further, we are skilled in executive and spokesperson training in both English and French ensuring our clients are ready for interviews when they happen.

As one of the best public relations agencies in the business, we understand that a successful PR agency can’t rely on media relations alone. Our PR services offer a fully integrated approach to all campaigns. We carefully consider the smartest tactics to communicate your brand story.

Whether you are exploring the Canadian market or interested in national public relations, our team is a smart mix of multilingual public relations strategists, media relations experts, trend spotters, event masterminds, as well as content, digital and social media devotees who turn smart PR strategy into winning business results.

Our Public Relations services include:

  • PR strategy
  • Media relations
  • Press launches
  • Press junkets
  • Publicity stunts
  • Product placement
  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate communications

“The FAULHABER team are true connectors with their fingers on the pulse and a flair for bringing ideas to life. Instrumental in growing our brand presence, FAULHABER is more than a PR agency, they are brand partners who make it happen.” Salina Riemer, Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

“The FAULHABER team are a stylish, enthusiastic and professional group of PR specialists. Passionate about the brands they represent, the FAULHABER team always connects with the right people. Their events are always spectacular and their marketing and communications are beyond compare.  It is always a pleasure to work with them.” Erin McLaughlin, former Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Living / Style at Home.

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