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Influencer Marketing

We understand the power of influence and we know how to effectively leverage influencer marketing and influencer relations to drive brand growth.

What is influencer marketing? Influencer Marketing can be an extremely valuable way to influence consumer behaviour by leveraging a third-party endorsement to drive brand awareness. By utilizing social media personalities, we can put your brand in front of the right audience.

As a top influencer marketing agency in Canada, FAULHABER connects your brand to the right influencer at the right time. Whether you are exploring opportunities with influencer marketing in Canada or internationally, we have an extensive network of connections that can be leveraged for your brand. From paid-to-earn strategies, we understand how to cultivate desire by delivering the right partnerships to connect to your audience. Our influencer marketing service allows your brand to work with the people who inspire your target consumer and tell authentic brand stories. Sometimes it’s celebrities and sometimes it’s everyday people or nano influencers.

FAULHABER’s influencer marketing service gives you full access to our exclusive network of over 15,000 influencers, key opinion leaders, academics, celebrities and media elite, including our FSHOPPE Ambassadors. As as a top influencer marketing agency in Canada, you will also have access to our industry-leading tools that help us determine the best partner for your campaign, allowing us to target influencers by demographics, audience, interests, and true reach.

Influencer marketing is about getting a product in the right hands, at the right time for a higher return than you could imagine. We believe that an effective influencer marketing strategy is much more than identifying an attractive feed with high reach and paying for posts. A critical component of our influencer marketing service is to search for authentic voices who create custom and original content that engages audiences. We’re experts at influencer relations, building deep relationships with our ambassadors and working closely with them from creative ideation to targeted campaign implementation. Social media marketing for influencers is dependent on creating a positive relationship with your brand and reflecting it through beautifully curated content. We look for a smart return on investment and provide our clients with reporting that proves results.

Our expertly managed  influencer relations process includes leveraging industry-leading technology and over 20-years of experience with influencer marketing in Canada, to curate the right ambassadors for our clients.

Our Influencer Marketing process includes:

Discovery & Planning:

Our influencer marketing service audits any past or existing influencer partnerships. We are a PR agency that works closely with our clients to identify campaign objectives, brand voice, and desired actions.


We compile a list of brand ambassadors using our vast network and our industry-leading tools. We ensure our recommendations have been vetted through the lens of data that matters from engagement metrics to true reach to in-market following.

Content Management:

We manage influencer marketing from contract negotiation through to final content development. We work closely with our clients and content creators to ensure that all creative is on-brand so that it will connect to our target audience and ultimately drive results.

Return on Investment:

We closely monitor our campaigns to gain insights for our clients. Our detailed reporting looks at click-throughs and conversions to ensure ROI on your influencer spend.

Our Influencer Relations services include:

  • Research and identification of macro, micro, and nano influencers
  • Influencer targeting
  • Outreach, contracting, management and reporting of influencer programs
  • Influencer/KOL gifting and seeding
  • Paid Influencer campaigns
  • Influencer collaborations

“Working with FAULHABER has helped take my content to the next level! They’re innovative, creative, and most importantly, they value the true collaboration between content creators and clients. FAULHABER has supported me from the very beginning. They’ve helped bridge the gap between brands and creators. Being able to establish a genuine connection with the FAULHABER team to help understand my content and my audience has been invaluable. FAULHABER is always five steps ahead of the game.”- Jaclyn Forbes

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