FCONSULTS | PR & Digital Marketing Consulting

FCONSULTS | PR & Digital Marketing Consulting

Faulhaber Communications wants to help forward-thinking CMOs and business owners propel their businesses to new heights with outstanding PR and marketing strategy. As one of the best marketing consulting firms in the GTA, we recognize the need to assist businesses in ideation and strategic development through account based marketing consulting. Elevate your brand with FCONSULTS – our PR consulting and marketing consulting is an opportunity for your brand to explore new avenues with a fresh mindset.

For over 20 years, FAULHABER has been offering PR consulting and marketing consulting services to businesses small and global alike. Integrating public relations in marketing communications, can help elevate your brand. With the landscape changing and more entrepreneurs popping up, we recognize the need to offer public relations in marketing plans to be on a more snackable level. With expert PR and marketing consulting, FCONSULTS gives forward-thinking CMOs and business owners the opportunity to tap into experienced senior leaders to provide high-level support with their PR and marketing initiatives.

PR and marketing consulting can give your brand a fresh perspective, an external POV, and a good old-fashioned ideation jam-sesh. These 1:1 or small group strategy sessions will provide a major lift to your existing PR and marketing campaigns.

Think of us as PR marketing geniuses for hire, by the hour, by the day, and when you need it. With the best of both worlds – public relations in marketing communication, we act as an extension of your team as a highly specialized and swift PR and marketing solution. Let us help you imagine, ideate and problem solve.

“Mentorship has always been a huge part of our brand identity. And through our long history of offering it in the background, we’ve discovered a widespread desire by new or small businesses for personalized coaching sessions. FCONSULTS is a way to make it more accessible to people.” – Christine Faulhaber, CEO & President, Faulhaber Communications

The FCONSULTS package offers both PR consulting and marketing consulting, with access to the most senior minds of the award-winning Faulhaber Communications team: CEO/President Christine Faulhaber, VP/Partner Lexi Pathak from the consulting team, and leverages the agency’s specialized directors pending the initial consultation survey.

FCONSULTS is a 75-minute PR consulting and marketing strategy session. Follow-up questions and materials review is available for one week prior to the session. Need a little extra help? Book the FCONSULTS team for a one-day brand immersion, adding external insights to internal ideation sessions or hire FCONSULTS to build your plan for your internal team to execute. Work with one of the best marketing consulting firms by contacting us today.

Let us help you with:

  • High-level review of PR/marketing strategy
  • A fresh perspective on campaign ideas
  • Smart review of your brand assets, social channels, or communication materials
  • Influencer strategy and recommendations
  • Media Relations strategy
  • Digital audit


  • 75-minute strategy session with agency leader(s); call summary and access for additional questions via email for one week; $500 CDN
  • Hire an expert for a bucket of hours to be used over a 30 day period. Review documents, strategic recommendations, provide ideation, video calls, follow-up questions and emails; 7 hours; $2,500 CDN
  • Hire an expert for a full day to participate in internal brainstorms and ideation sessions; 7-hour workday + follow-up questions/review via email for one week; $2,500 CDN
  • Plan development: FCONSULTS participates in a one-day internal brand on-boarding and ideation session and then creates a business/PR strategy/campaign plan for the internal team to execute; $7,500 CDN

To celebrate our 20th-anniversary, FAULHABER is thrilled to commit $20,000 of FCONSULTS service in kind to BIPOC and/or female-owned businesses looking to grow through strategic marketing and communications. To apply, please submit your application below.

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