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FCONSULTS | PR & Digital Marketing Consulting

FCONSULTS is a smart consulting offering that helps forward-thinking CMOs and entrepreneurs propel their businesses to new heights with outstanding senior level PR and marketing strategy. CEO & Founder Christine Faulhaber and the senior team will work directly with you to elevate your brand with a fresh mindset.

  • High-level review of your existing PR/marketing strategy and communication materials
  • Business coaching and insights on building your business. Advice on HR, finance and operations
  • Digital audit – a smart review of your brand assets and social channels to ensure you are maximizing impact

This is a smart opportunity to gather senior level brain power on a more snackable level providing lift to your existing campaigns. Think of us as PR marketing geniuses for hire. We act as an extension of your team as a highly specialized solution.

Business Overview: 5 hours over 6 weeks. Includes 4 individualized 60-minute virtual sessions with CEO & Founder Christine Faulhaber. Strategic discussion, ideation and review of business problems with tactical recommendations. PLUS, a 1-hour review of documents or materials and an executive summary at the end to capture our findings. $3000

Roadmap: Let us build a plan for your internal team to execute. 20 hours over 60 days. Includes a 90-minute individualized virtual session with CEO & Founder Christine Faulhaber and the senior team to uncover opportunity. Additional virtual consultations as needed to develop a fulsome plan that includes external insights, ideation and tactical plans for your road map to success. $10,000 CDN

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