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Public Relations

What is public relations? While the definition of Public Relations remains the same, the landscape is entirely different. As a PR agency, this makes strategy and relationships more important than ever. Our network of public relations contacts runs deep throughout the market, from coast to coast and in multiple languages. Leveraging our expert PR services, we turn our relationships into exposure for our clients, connecting the right story to the right audience. As a leading public relations agency, our reputation is built on our ability to create big news and deliver compelling content by connecting your story to its targeted audience. What makes PR effective, and how does it differentiate from other marketing services? To help answer these questions, first…

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Digital Marketing

Now more than ever, having a strong online presence and digital marketing approach is essential to your communications strategy. Targeting the right people at the right time, in the right way is essential to success. Consider us your always-on, expert digital marketing agency. With new platforms and tools constantly emerging, our digital marketing services and expertise provide you with an informed perspective on how to best reach the people you want to talk to, including crafting creative that tells a story and breaks through all of the noise. We take pride in being recognized for providing outstanding digital marketing services in Canada, and will take the time to understand your brand and connect with your audience, becoming an extension of…

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Social Media Marketing

At FAULHABER we connect people to brands through smart social media marketing. Our team of social experts leverages strategic gusto with swipe-stopping content to drive tangible business results. Social Media Marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful brand strategy. With over 3.4 billion users globally in 2019, social media offers brands the opportunity to grow brand awareness, drive online sales, and nurture a dedicated community. As a digital-first social media marketing agency, we help companies craft an engaging social media marketing strategy to reach their goals. Having a dedicated online presence is a must-have for any comprehensive communications strategy, and social media is the heart of a brand’s digital identity. The right social media marketing strategy provides brands with…

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Influencer Marketing

We understand the power of influence and we know how to effectively leverage influencer marketing and influencer relations to drive brand growth. What is influencer marketing? Influencer Marketing can be an extremely valuable way to influence consumer behaviour by leveraging a third-party endorsement to drive brand awareness. By utilizing social media personalities, we can put your brand in front of the right audience. As a top influencer marketing agency in Canada, FAULHABER connects your brand to the right influencer at the right time. Whether you are exploring opportunities with influencer marketing in Canada or internationally, we have an extensive network of connections that can be leveraged for your brand. From paid-to-earn strategies, we understand how to cultivate desire by delivering…

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Brand Strategy & Development Service

Brand strategy development is the heartbeat of effective PR. At FAULHABER, we leverage insights, market research, and deep passion for our clients to develop smart brand development marketing strategies that drive results. We work closely with our clients to determine how to develop a brand strategy that communicates a powerful message. What is brand strategy? Brand strategy development is a competitive strategy for creating brand loyalty. From existing brands to new brand launches, we partner with our clients to offer brand strategy development planning that delivers impactful business results and act as an extended member of your team throughout the entire process. Our brand development services are data-driven. We conduct in-depth landscape assessments and consumer research to provide informed recommendations…

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Content Production

At FSTOP Studios, we provide exceptional content production services, creating engaging content that ensures your brand makes an impact online. From digital, to production, and copy writing, we are your go-to content creation agency in Canada and your one-stop-shop for creating captivating and intriguing content that connects you with your audience. FSTOP Studios is our in-house Content Production studio. Our team prepares, maintains, and delivers expert content production services for businesses, from start-ups to established brands. What is content production? At FAULHABER, our content creation services bring innovative multi-platform branded content to life. Offering a fully-integrated digital content creation service including video, photography, animation and interactive media production, graphic design, and copywriting services, we create compelling brand stories with emotional…

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Event Marketing

Searching for best-in-class event marketing in Canada? FAULHABER provides full-service event design, management and production. We develop and produce flawless events at any scale, strategically implementing event marketing best practices to ensure your brand’s success. Whether you’re hosting an intimate private dinner, throwing a fundraising gala, launching a new retail concept or looking for a strategy to optimize your sponsorship spend, our event marketing services result in expertly orchestrated and unforgettable experiences. In today’s experience economy, it’s more important than ever to ensure a strategic approach to Event Marketing is part of your overall brand strategy. With years of experience in the industry, FAULHABER is recognized as one of the most trusted agencies for event marketing in Canada. We expertly…

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Showroom & Product Seeding Services

FSHOPPE is our in-house showroom where brands can showcase their latest collections and benefit from exclusive visibility. FAULHABER’s showroom management service creates awareness for your brand and allows key industry leaders to engage with your product. Our showroom management service offers brands a unique opportunity to show off their latest releases and product lines to important individuals in the FAULHABER network. Our expertly curated and merchandised spaces in Toronto and Vancouver are visited on the daily by editors, influencers, celebrities and agency ambassadors, who have VIP access 24-hours a day to merchandise. Rest assured that your brand will shine through our impeccable showroom management, managed by our team of FSHOPPE Ambassadors. We are an extension of your brand, answering any…

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FCONSULTS | PR & Digital Marketing Consulting

FCONSULTS is a smart consulting offering that helps forward-thinking CMOs and entrepreneurs propel their businesses to new heights with outstanding senior level PR and marketing strategy. CEO & Founder Christine Faulhaber and the senior team will work directly with you to elevate your brand with a fresh mindset. High-level review of your existing PR/marketing strategy and communication materials Business coaching and insights on building your business. Advice on HR, finance and operations Digital audit – a smart review of your brand assets and social channels to ensure you are maximizing impact This is a smart opportunity to gather senior level brain power on a more snackable level providing lift to your existing campaigns. Think of us as PR marketing geniuses…

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