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Melanie Dudek

Director, Digital

Melanie is a hybrid; digital marketing strategist and content producer in-one. Bringing together over a decade of hands-on digital marketing experience in all verticals, and 6 years of photo and video production experience – whether it’s for an influencer campaign, the launch of a social media channel, or a video for a paid social ad, her focus is on creating data-driven, engaging, award-winning content that performs.

Winner of the 2014 Marketing Magazine, Marketer of the Year Award for her role on the creation and execution of the Digital Catalogue for Canadian Tire.

Discovering Pinterest in Feb 2011 (back when it was still in beta), in her spare time Melanie is also a Pinterest influencer with over 750K followers and extensive knowledge of the growing search engine discovery platform she has worked with brands as both an influencer and consultant.



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