Lexi Pathak - Faulhaber Communications

Lexi Pathak

Vice President & Partner

Equal parts strategic and creative, Vice President/Partner Lexi is a dynamic leader focused on leading cross-functional teams to deliver results-driven integrated programs for lifestyle brands. Outcome-obsessed Lexi is always asking “why?” This fuels her passion for coming up with ideas and if you ask her for one, she will likely come back with ten. It’s no surprise that her top strength is ideation, driven by her fascination with ideas and looking for fresh perspectives.

With 15 years of experience and a background in journalism, Lexi offers deep expertise in connecting brands with effective and meaningful ways to share their stories. Lexi is passionate about fostering talent and works closely with the FAULHABER team to drive success across the agency’s roster of lifestyle clients. She is also responsible for new business development.

As a mother of 3 young children, Lexi is a master multi-tasker. She finds balance in downward dog.

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