Kayla Bowers (she/her) - Faulhaber Communications

Kayla Bowers (she/her)

Senior Manager, Marketing & Operations

As Senior Manager, Marketing & Operations, Kayla is passionate about making connections and taking on new challenges. Her knack for building relationships and industry knowledge make her an expert and resource in the agency.

Kayla finds true joy in organization. From out-of-town getaways (personally and professionally) to processes that push the agency forward, Kayla’s attention to detail is something to be marveled at. Her tiny dog Pippa is an adorable part of the FAULHABER team. Kayla is a constant teacher. She builds relationships with all team members and works to help develop their skills and teach them new things.

It is no surprise that most of Kayla’s strengths are in the Relationships category – Developer, Connectedness, Empathy, Positivity and Responsibility.

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