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#FSQUAD: Team Scorpio

Passionate, ambitious and intuitive Scorpios dominate the #FSQUAD. Here, we find out what drives them.

“I’m November 22. So I’m a cusp-er. I’ve always liked the idea that that means I’m a Scorpio Squared. I’m passionate about everything to the extreme. In my early 20s I was gifted Linda Goodman’s book Sun Signs. I still have the tattered copy sand cover beside my bed.”

Christine Faulhaber, President & CEO

“Being passionate has always been the characteristic that I identified myself as. When I do something I go all in. 10 out of 10 in effort.”

-Lindsay Singer, Director Client Relations and Team Engagement

“One of the most common and well-known features of Scorpios is being fierce. I would have to say that I have a little spark in me that lets me be fierce and brave when in need whether that may be in work life or in social life.”

-Keely Sandala, Coordinator

“I am pretty stubborn in my ways, which is definitely a scorpion thing. This has both positive and negative attributes. On the positive side, once I have my mind set on achieving something not much can stand in my way. I never give up. On the negative side, I never give up and that can be annoying!”

-Lexi Pathak, Vice President and Partner

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