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Located in Toronto, the FSHOPPE is a curated environment featuring fashion, beauty, wellness, decor and lifestyle brands. Every day, our FSHOPPE is visited by editors, stylists, influencers, celebrities, media moguls and more, giving your brand unique visibility and the space to shine.

The FSHOPPE is more than just a showroom: We host product knowledge sessions, seasonal collection previews, and pop-up events. We’re on call 24/7 and even offer remote access, so there’s no such thing as a missed opportunity.

Our FSHOPPE Ambassadors are industry experts. We believe in smart partnerships, which is why our network of vetted professionals get exclusive access to FSHOPPE collections, product launches, events and more.


We build relationships that last.


From exclusive event access to product loan and gifting programs, we create unique and engaging experiences for our ambassadors in exchange for social love.

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We leverage nearly two decades of industry experience to connect your brand with audiences that matter. Whether you’re looking for a brick and mortar space to house your latest collections or want to host an engaging pop up, we’ve got you covered.

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