For over 20 years the Monogram luxury appliance brand has been synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship and sophisticated design. Through artisan inspired quality control and relentless commitment to innovation, Monogram offers unique kitchen solutions to discerning consumers.

A world of ideas, in one central location.

Something that sets Monogram apart is its Toronto based Design Centre. The 4000 sq. ft Design Centre creates an opportunity to experience the beauty and performance of Monogram appliances with an interactive culinary studio. You can also see the Monogram Signature Kitchen by Sarah Richardson that features Monogram’s newest refrigeration options.

At the Design Centre you can set up consultation appointments with a Monogram Ambassador, Mondays to Saturdays. Product demonstrations are designed to help consumers decide which appliance models will best suit their needs and compliment their kitchen design. Monogram Ambassadors guide visitors through some of the latest design trends, options and kitchen innovations when convenient.

A Monogram advantage is the new opportunity to connect with your kitchen using Wi-Fi when you’re not at home.

Peace of mind
Feel at ease when you leave the house. Did you leave the refrigerator door open or did your dishwasher spring a leak? You’ll receive an alert notification. Did you leave the oven on? Use the Kitchen app to turn it off. Connect with your Nest app and you will know if your oven is on when you’ve left the house.

Use your appliances in a smarter way. Preheat your oven using voice control and Geneva or check how much time you have left in your dishwasher cycle with your phone.

Optimal performance
Keep your appliances protected and running their best with maintenance alerts. Plus, you’ll get automatic software updates with the latest features and advanced diagnostics to make your life easier.

FAULHABER is Monogram’s PR agency of record in Canada. In collaboration with Monogram, FAULHABER developed and executed brand building activations, including launching Monogram’s social media channels, creating content, executing experiential events with celebrities like Sarah Richardson and maximizing strategic partnerships with The Interior Design Show Toronto and Top Chef Canada.

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