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DRE Industries

DRE Industries Inc. was founded in 1983, as a supplier of high-quality water repellents and below grade waterproofing membranes. Specializing in Divisions 3, 7, and 9, DRE offers a full range of products for both new construction and restoration projects including: below-grade waterproofing, clear penetrating sealers, anti-graffiti coatings, corrosion inhibitors, expansion joints, urethane traffic membranes, epoxy flooring, epoxy terrazzo, underslab vapour barriers and curtain injection.

DRE represents Protectosil Chem-Trete Silane Sealers, CETCO Waterproofing Products, Neogard Waterproofing Products and Epoxy Flooring, Willseal Expansion Joints, Koster Waterproofing and Curtain Injection Systems, Stego Wrap Underslab Vapour Barrier and Domus Terrazzo Supply, the only “one-stop” Terrazzo supplier in Canada providing epoxy resin, aggregates, divider strips and equipment.

DRE offers technical support at all stages of project design and construction including specifications, system review, pre-construction meetings, installation, and warranty registration.


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