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Seeing you, bigger.

When a company is focused on what it does best, it can be like wearing blinders that hide opportunities from view. At FAULHABER, we have a unique ability to see our clients bigger than they see themselves – creating business opportunities where none existed. We do this by immersing ourselves fully in our clients’ business, maximizing brand stories and by tapping into our 20+ years of experience and network. When you hire us, you get everything you asked for, plus new ideas for business growth you’ve never thought of before.

PR & Digital Marketing Agency

“Clients hire us because we deliver results in The FAULHABER Way. We think like entrepreneurs and create opportunities where none existed.” – Christine Faulhaber

Established in 2001, FAULHABER Communications is a full-service PR & digital marketing agency specializing in lifestyle clientele. We produce imaginative, results-driven, future-focused campaigns for global and national brands across all communication touchpoints including PR, Digital Marketing, Experiential Events, Media Relations, Influencer Relations, Social Media Management and Content Production.

Our team is a smart mix of multilingual PR strategists, event experts and creative, digital and social media minds who turn strategy into business results. With our head office in Toronto, a team in Montreal and a partner agency in Vancouver, our network of contacts runs deep throughout the Canadian market.

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