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#WhatDrivesYou: Sabrina Maddeaux

June 12, 2017

Award-winning style and culture writer, TV personality, and Toronto socialite, Sabrina Maddeaux, gave us the inside story on what drives her. Maddeaux's work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Toronto Life, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, ELLE Canada, Us Weekly, FASHION Magazine, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, 24 Hours, and NOW Magazine. Sabrina has also made TV appearances on Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada, Global News, Cityline, Canada AM, The Morning Show, CTV Newsnet, Proud FM, AM640, CBC Radio, BNN and Newstalk 1010 to weigh in on everything from Margaret Wente to Daniel Radcliffe’s fondness for Kraft Dinner. 

See what she had to say:

What Drives You In the Morning?

A really good breakfast sandwich? I love good eggs and cheese on a bagel. But really as soon as I wake up I think about what I want to do for the day. Look at the news, what there is to write about and how I can be inspired. 

It’s how I interpret something and share it with the world that really gets me going. 

What is your favourite spot in Toronto?

I really love the area around Trinity Bell Woods and Queen St W. There are so many pretty boutiques and Canadian retailers, it’s continuously changing. I especially love the Summer when everyone’s out strolling with their dogs, picnicking in the park… It’s such a community; you can really see how diverse the city is. 

I also think how friendly we are, is when we best live up to our Canadian reputation. Rather than running toward a door in the middle of January, we actually get to be out enjoying the sun. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

1. Be everywhere and be everyone – It’s so important because you never know when an opportunity is going to come up. 

2. Be so good that they can’t ignore you – I love that idea, it’s can be frustrating if you see other people succeeding in ways that you’re not… Which is human nature. I’m such a competitive 

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