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#FSQUAD: Father's Day Throwback

June 16, 2017

Dad-jokes, dad-bods, and dad-fashions have been trending in 2017, so this Father's Day we are attempting to decode the unwritten handbook of Dad's. You know, the one that teaches them to combine being goofy, tough, charismatic, gentle and caring all into one loveable package. To start our research, we gathered some of our favourite throwback photos of our oh-so-stylish dads.  

(Can you match up #FSQUAD members to their fathers? Click on the photo to see if you guessed right!)

We think it's safe to say that trying to decode the Dad handbook is a lost cause. They are who they are, short-shorts and all, and that's why we love them. 

Happy Father's Day! 

Love, the #FSQUAD

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