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#FREPS: Coffee in a Cone

June 12, 2017

Balzac’s newest item on the menu is every adult’s perfect treat. On May 11th, we celebrated the launch of the world’s most Instagramable coffee, Coffee in a Cone at Balzac’s Liberty Village Café. 

The creator, Dayne Levinrad, travelled from South Africa to join us for the complimentary tasting, which saw over 300 people drop by for a taste of the hot-meets-cold creation. Levinrad spent months engineering the cone using a unique blend of flour and several types of cacao to create a leak-proof inner seal. However, take your photos quick because you have about 10 minutes to drink from the cone before all the chocolate melts!

Try this eco-friendly and super tasty (does it get any better?!) option whether you are a double espresso, macchiato, hot chocolate, or cold brew connoisseur.

Coffee in a Cone is now available at all Balzac’s locations.

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